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I’ve just bought a Photon, what other accessories or tools should I get?

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I’m new in 3D printing and with Photon, what other accessories or tools should I get?

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  1. Here is a small list on some of the tools to help you remove, clean and finish your resin prints.
    – Safety Glasses.
    – Nitrile Exam Gloves are a must have.
    – Artist Palette Knife or Scraper. It is useful to pry the prints off the plate.
    – Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) or Rubbing Alcohol is needed to remove the resin from the outside of the print. Also you will need this for post processing.
    – Funnels with Filters. They are useful to get the resin back into the bottle for later use.
    – Strainer. It is good for swishing parts and moving them through the rinse baths. Also for putting parts in and move between your Isopropyl Alcohol and water to clean your prints.
    – Disposable Aluminum Roasting Pans. You can use some under the printer, in case the resin leaks. Also it can be used while you cure prints on it with the UV nail dryer.
    – UV Nail Dryer. You needed it to finish curing the resin.
    – Super Lube Multi-Purpose Synthetic Grease. Its useful on the Z-screws.
    – Paper Towels let you quickly clean the parts.
    – Small Knives are good for removing extra pieces on the print.
    – Jewelry Polishing Machine
    – Ultrasonic cleaner

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