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Which is best slicer software?

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I see there are few alternatives, do you have some recommendations for slicer software?

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  1. For experienced makers and professionals Simplify3D is probably best 3D slicer. Simplify3D is compatible with more 3D printers than any other 3D printer software. It has a user-friendly interface but also has features for editing and repairing complex 3D models. You can easily save settings in unique profiles. You can effectively customize your support thickness, material, and builds them so they can be removed extremely easily. Also, the quality of the documentation is very good. Sadly it is not free.

    Cura Slicer, I think, is best free 3D Slicer software. It is designed to be able to integrate with 3D CAD software tools like SolidWorks and Autodesk Inventor for an easier workflow. Most useful is process of the three stages of printing. The first stage, Prepare, allows you to choose your printing parameters and slice the 3D printer model. Preview stage allows you simulate the print to identify any areas which may fail. This is great as you can identify faults without having to waste time and materials. Monitor stage, where you can monitor print progress — including remotely.

    For resin printers ChiTuBox is one of best 3d slicers. ChiTuBox is free and powerful but simple to use and very useful 3D slicer software made for resin printers. The clean user interface makes it easy to understand, even for beginners. This free 3D software tool can edit 3D models, generate supports, and slice the print according to your needs. The slicing process is fast, it gives you control of your support structures.

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