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Why my prints won’t stick?

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Something wrong happened with my resin printer. My prints do not stick anymore.

1 Answer

  1. Probably it is a build plate leveling issue, make sure your leveling is 100% correct before attempting other solutions.
    Also you can try:
    – Check if Z=0?
    – There may be cured resin in your vat.
    – The FEP film may be too tight or too loose. Adjust to the correct tension, or replace.
    – Clean the build plate carefully with IPA or other solvents. Dry before use.
    – You may be using resin formulated for SLA laser or DLP printers. Try using a known resin.
    – Shake your resin in bottle well before using. Also stir resin in the vat.
    – Preheat the build plate, also the resin. You can use a hair dryer.
    – The build plate may have shifted, too high or too low. Try and level it again, make sure to tighten well.
    – The build plate may be defective. Check if the plate surface is flat.

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